Our Mission

To provide excellent quality fertilizers for whole world farmers.


Unikeyterra is the trademark of our company which we have been carrying out production,export and marketing activities in agriculture, agriculture chemicals, chemical raw materials and chemical products since 2000.

Unikeyterra, as a result of rapid progress made in the field of agricultural marketing and sales of plant nutrition production in 2001, taking in to account the current developments and trends in the field of agricultural technologh in the world, by carrying out intensive has started and offered its products to the use of world farmers.

Our Vision

Believing in the importance of better food products for a better world, we offer outstanding product solutions and are proud to fulfill our responsibilities for our business partners.

Unikeyterra aims to reach our farmers in a fast, safe and efficient manner with the products, which are needed in the sector with production, import and export, with R&D activities that we have realised in agriculture sector.

Attended Events

As Unikeyterra family, we participate in agricultural fairs organized every year worldwide.We are honored to get to know you and introduces us and our products.