KeyFosfit (Potassium Fosfit)

KeyFosfit’s phosphite products increase the plant’s vitality and resistance. Root growth is increased due to the special phosphor composition.

You can also expect a positive effect on shelf life and fruit colour.
In general the plant’s immune system will improve.
We offer a liquid Potassium Phosphite 50% as well as NPK formulas within our Phosphite range. 


KeyFosfit is compatible with most fertilizers and phytosanitary products. It is advisable not to mix with mineral oils, copper compounds, dicofol, dimethoate, dinocap and products rich in calcium or high in acidity.
Maintain out of the reach of children.Maintain away from foodstuffs, beverages and animal feed.


Phosphorus pentaoxcide / Fosfor pentaoksit (P2O5):    30.0 % w/w
Potassium oxide / Potasyum oksit (K2O) : 20.0 % w/w

Flowering increase
Root development and water absorption.
Increase sugar content in the fruit.
Fruit size and quality.
Fruit makes it mature.
Potassium phosphite, to increase the resistance of plants to fungal diseases.

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