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Nano Amino

Unikey NanoAmino, in every period of plants (seedling, seedlings, flowers, fruit and leafless periods) is a versatile product that helps the plant. Despite being a versatile product, it performs perfectly in any situation. Unikey NanoAmino prevents the plant from getting stress in difficult climatic conditions, problematic soil, faulty drug – fertilizer usage, wrong irrigation etc. Flowering: Increases pollen fertility and pollination ability with high amounts of L-proline, L-arginine, and L glutamic acids. Rooting: Contains L-methionine, L-tryptophan and phytohormones and is a very effective product on auxin synthesis and rooting. At the same time, soil microorganisms proliferate rapidly in soil applications and the soil becomes airy, fluffy with high water holding capacity. This provides a very high benefit to root development and plant nutrition.

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