Unikey Organic Fertilizers



NANO FLORA deals with ATP energy transfer, inheritance transfer (nucleic acids), photosynthesis and carbohydrate degradation. This element is very important for flowering, fruit set, early maturity, fruit growth and seed ripening. NANO FLORA, with its high content of organic matter and phosphorus, encourages the plant to bloom. It does not react with the cations in the soil because of the phosphorous uptake of the phosphorus and does not bind. It is a strong stimulant that can be used in all plants during flowering period. It can be used both from leaf and drip. The phosphorus in its structure also eliminates the problem of over-grading in plants.


Guaranteed Contentw/w
Total Nitrogen (N)5%
Organic Nitrogen (N)2%
Phosphorus (P2O5)15%
Organic Matter15%
Free Amino Acid10.0%
NAA – BNOA – B12 Vitamin Complex

Foliar Application:

Market garden, fruit and ornamental trees.
Application rate 100-150 cc / 100 Liters of water.

Soil Application :

Market garden, fruit and ornamental trees.
Application rate 5-7.5 Liters / Hectare