Unikey Iron EDDHA

(4.8 ortho-ortho)

Unikey-Iron-EDDHA is a microgranular iron chelate and is developed for the correction and prevention of iron deficiency 
in a wide range of agricultural and horti-cultural crops, particularly in alkaline and calcareous soils. Unikey-Iron EDDHA gives best effect when applied dissolved to the plants through the soil or rooting media. Unikey-Iron EDDHA contains 60 grams of iron per kg of product chelated. As Unikey-Iron EDDHA derived from ethylenediamine

-N,N’-bis (2-hydroxyphenylacetic acid).


Iron (Fe) content, typical
Iron chelated as Fe-EDDHA
(ortho-ortho isomer) typical pH (1% solution)
Dark red colour in microgranules form.


Fast action against cholosis
Consistence in every condition
Greater efficiency levels
Maintenance of Photosynthetic activity
Balance between İsomers
Usable in biological agriculture
Solubility 550 g/liter (leader in its category)
100 % chelated
Range of active pH in soil between 3 and 11
The cholophyll content is 5-10 % higher 
compared products
Dimension and hardness of the fruit 20 % 
increase and better

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