Despero SC is a homogeneous Suspension fertilizers produce from premium quality raw materials without impurities. Free of chlorine compounds, sodium, and heavy metals. 

Despero SC

- is high qualify, economical and concentrated product meeting your crop needs.

- homogenous suspension available in different formula suitable to be applied during all stages of plants growth. 

- is produced from premium quality raw materials without impurities.

- free of chlorine compounds, sodium, and heavy metals.

- contains high sulfur that's lower soil pH which leads to increase the availability of plant nutrients.

- contains all trace elements chelated which make it more available for plants.

- Suitable for fertigation and foliar applications.

- can be mixed with most other fertilizers and agrochemicals.

A complete formula for grower

A complete formula for grower

Despero SC 10-50-10+0.5MgO+TE is establishment formula of high phosphorus content to encourage  root growth. 

Despero SC 40-10-10+0.5MgO+TE is vegetative growth formula of high nitrogen content to stimulate vegetative growth.

Despero SC Makro 15-25-0+MgO+TE

Despero SC Makro  25-25-10+MgO+TE is multipurpose formula for general growth.

Despero SC Makro Production 9-6-46+0.5MgO+TE is extra potash formula to increase fruit size and improving fruit quality, 
in addition increasing fruit shelf life and fruit resistance to factors after harvesting. 

Despero SC Nitro Nitrogen 35-0-0

Despero SC MAP 12-61-0+TE mono ammonium phosphate suspension formula for plant nutrition.

Despero SC Potas60 Potassium 12-0-60+0.5MgO+TE high potassium formula to develop fruit growth.

Despero SC CalMag 10-0-0+8Ca+3 MgO

Despero SC Zinc suspension 70%

Despero SC Calcinit Calsium % 15-% 1 Mn-% 2 Zn

Despero SC OrgaMicro  % 3 Magnesium - % 5 S - %  1 Cu-% 2 Fe % 2 Mn-% Zn + % 30 Organic Matter +Aminoacid + Vitamins 

Despero SC Micro Fe % 8,4-Cu % 3,75- Mn % 4,5 Bor % 1,6-Zn % 5,5 + Organic Matter %15

Despero SC Copper Cu %19 

Despero SC MKP 0-52-34+TE mono potassium phosphate suspension formula for plant nutrition.

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