Sulphure Series

Unikey Sulphure Gr






Content WP/GR



Slow-release pure sulphur can be used as a source of plant nutrient or soil amendment in alkaline and salty soils.


Unique type of degradable elemental sulphur enables efficient uptake of the sulphur by the growing plants. 

Can be blended with other fertilizer such as NPKs Promotes plant growth, increases the yield and improves the quality of the crops. 
Has very low dust content and therefore complies with the environmental standards.  

Contains high percentage of Sulphur which plays an important role in many plant processes such as the formation of protein, oils, chlorophyll, enzymes, hormones, and vitamins. Suitable for all crops including  cereals, vegetables, turf, shrubs, trees and field crops.

Consistently sized, free flowing and easy to handle, store and apply. It is sulphur rich pastille contains up to 90 % of  sulphur added to Bentonite clay which swell the pastille in contact with soil moisture. 
This will enable an efficient uptake of the sulphur by the growing plants. 

Unikey Sulphure SC


Elemental Sulphure

Dilluted Sulphure


800 gr/lt

Unikey Suphur SC 80; For optimum results Unikey Sulphur Sc 80 should be used in a programme and in combination with other balanced fertilizers and foliar feeds.
Unikey Sulphur Sc 80 is compatible with most agricultural remedies. It is however advisable to do a miscibility test prior to mixing with other chemicals. 
Consult with your chemical distributor should crop specific programmes or any other information be required about the use of Sulphure SC 80. 
Unikey Sulphur SC 80, containing elemental sulphur is oxidized to plant available sulphate by soil microbes in the  presence of water. 
Under cool soil conditions the oxidation process will be slower.
Ensure thorough agitation of the product during filling and spraying. 
Always use spray tank strainers when pouring product into spray tank.
The spray tank must be flıshed out with clean water at the end of the day. 

Unikey Sulphure Coated Urea (SCU)






Sulphur Coated Urea (SCU) is a slow release granular fertilizer that provides plants  with nutrients throughout the growing season with good combination of nitrogen and sulphur.

Sulphur Coated Urea SCU offers slow-release feeding up to 12 weeks. 
Release rate is controlled by the soil temperature, which determines the rate of 
water vapor penetration and fertilizer diffusion. As temperature rises, the release rate increases.

When the SCU comes in contact with soil moisture,granules begin to absorb water vapor through micro- pores in the coating.

Moisture slowly dissolves the urea content.

Nitrogen diffuses continuously into the soil.

Unikey Sulphacid SC

Acidification of micro pH in root zone: The plant continues to develop without entering the stress.
Salinity relief: Allows the sodium in the root zone to be pushed down.
Neutralization of irrigation water: Reducing the pH of the irrigation water provide maximum benefit from credit.
Better harvesting of applied fertilizer: The plant provides maximum benefit from the applied fertilizer, because the pH of the irrigation water and soil is neutralized. 






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