NPK Special Liquid Fertilizers

Key Covering

Key Covering

For fast growing products (vegetables and fruit varieties) it is recommended to divide the application into two. 50% of the initial application, the remaining 50% after a few days is administered. This application strengthens the membrane and increases the protection of the new product. For maximum effect a few days before the start of bad weather, the lower surface of the leaves, including the petiole, is completely covered. Untreated areas suffer atmospheric damage.

Guaranteed Contentw/w
Complex Polymers56%

Key Covering is recommended to divide the treatment into two phases:
50% in the first application and another 50% a few days later ( according to the weather forecast.)
The second application will reinforce the membrane and will thus increase the protection provided to the new growth.

In the case of trees in blossom, it is advisable to divide the treatment into three phases, leaving a number of days between each application. This will enable coverage of the critical period and protect the from blossoming by covering the unopened buds.

Alternatively, the treatment could be divided into three weeks with 5 liters applied with weekly intervals