NPK Special Liquid Fertilizers

Key Salinity

Key Salinity

Due to the intensive fertilization of the soils, salinity is formed and thus yield losses occur. Fertilizers start to accumulate in the soil with fertilization and cause salinity. Over time, these soils become barren and inefficient. Especially in tomatoes, fruits remain small and other plants cause growth disorders. Flowering and fruit growth slows. Key Salinity relieves stressed plant roots due to intensive fertilization and removes the sodium that accumulates in the soil and causes salinity. Removes the hardness of water. Irrigation water and soil by regulating the pH of the plant has the property of relaxing and facilitates the uptake of macro and micro elements. Due to salinity and high pH, yield losses occur in all vegetables and fruit trees. With a regular use of Key Salinity, this loss is reduced to a minimum.

Guaranteed Content
Guaranteed Contentw/w
Calcium (CaO)14%
Nitrogen (N)8%
Polycarboxylic Acid6%
Maleic Acid4%
Organic Matter + Vitamins + Amino Acid + Enzymes

Foliar Application : 150-200 cc / 100 lt water
Soil Application : 1000 – 2000 lt / decare

Depending on the quality of water:
– Very Salty (> 2.5 g / l) : 50-100 ml / m3
– Saline (1.5-2.5 g / l) : 25-50 ml / m3
– Moderate saline (<1.5g / l) : 10-25 ml / m3 Depending on the texture of the soil: - Compact or waterproof floor : 45-70 l / ha - Dry and cracked soil : 70-100 l / ha