NPK Special Liquid Fertilizers

Unikey Fosfozink

Unikey Fosfozink

Unikey Fosfozink has a neutral (6.8 – 7) pH. For this reason, it does not harm flower, delicate plant leaves and shoots in leaf applications. The high percentage of phosphorus in its content moves 3-4 times faster in both soil and plant than medium phosphorus. Particularly in winter or cool weather, ortho phosphorous fertilizers work well in conditions that can not work and meet the phosphorus need of the plant. Unikey Fosfozink is located in the A.T.P (adenosine tri phosphate) structure used by the plant as energy. Provides energy to the plant. Unikey Fosfozink is a fertilizer that must be used especially for producers who grow under cover. Increases resistance to stress. Promotes flower and root growth. Unikey Fosfozink is a fast-acting, highly-balanced, superior blend with rapid action. The perfect result of nitrogen, phosphorus, zinc Unikey Phosphozink contains high chelated zinc, which enables the production of many hormones, especially auxin. With this effect, it provides balanced growth between the nodes in the plant. It increases flowering and fraternization. Cell proliferation is fast. The resistance of the plant against stress conditions increases. Phosphorus provides the energy needed for flowering. It provides the transport of nitrogen in the soil within the plant.

Guaranteed Contentw/w
Nitrogen (N)5%
Phosphorus (P2O5)25%
Boron (B)0.5%
Zinc (ZnO)7%

Foliar Application

Greenhouses and strawberry 250-300 cc / 100lt water
Open field vegetables and vineyards 350-400 cc / 100lt water
Fruit Trees400-450 cc / 100lt water

Soil Application

Greenhouses and strawberry 2000 – 2500 cc /da
Open field vegetables and vineyards 3500 – 4000 cc/da
Fruit Trees 4000-5000 cc/da