New Generation Organomineral Slow Release Fertilizers

Unikey LeoNPK ( 10-10-10+25 Om+15 H&F )

Unikey LeoNPK ( 10-10-10+25 Om+15 H&F )

Unikey LeoNPK can be used safely in all fruit trees, vineyards and olive groves, hard-shelled fruit trees such as hazelnut-pistachio, summer and winter vegetable cultivation, and in the base fertilization of all field crops such as corn, potato, sugar beet and sunflower. While the organic matter in the structure increases the fertility of the soil, humic and fulvic acids make useless micro-nutrients in the form usable and provide high yields and high quality products. Slow release Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium is one of the most powerful fertilizers. Controlled Release Nitrogen and Phosphorus smart fertilizer. It is recommended to be used as subsoil fertilizer. Contains enough nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. When fertilizer is used, it also increases the effect of fertilizer.

Guaranteed Content (w/w)

Total Nitrogen (N)


Total Phosphorus (P2O5)


Potassium (K)


Organic Matter


Total Humic & Fulvic Acids


Copper (Cu)




Humic Acid Chelated


Plants Usage Dose Kg/da
Cotton 50-66
Corn 77-115
Sunflower 35-50
Potato 95-125
Sugarbeet 60-80
Peanut 50-60
Soy bean 75-90
Tomato – Cucumber 50-60
Pepper 60-65
Vineyard 55-75