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Unikey Round As 21 (DCDA Inhibitor)

Unikey Round As 21 (DCDA Inhibitor)

What is Nitrification: Oxidation of ammonia in the soil (NH3) to Nitrite (NO2) with Nitromanas bacteria and Nitrite to Nitrate (NO3) by Nitovacters. Harm of Nitrification: Plants always use nitrogen in the form of ammonium (NH4). Nitrogen, which is used in ammonium form for feeding from soil, undergoes nitrification and turns into Nitrite. Nitrite flies in a gaseous state and mixes with the plant without being beneficial to the plant. This means that the fertilizer applied to the soil is wasted and not beneficial to our plant, but it also harms nature. Unikeyterra®, the new drip irrigation and subsoil fertilizer Unikey Round AS21 produced by intelligent fertilizer technology has been inhibited (Nitrification with DCDA is inhibited) and contains ammonium nitrogen and high sulfur. The nitrogen in the product is in the ammonium form in which the plant is used directly. The plant converts nitrogen to ammonia in whatever form it takes. Ammonium also converts amonia to acids and proteins. Nitrate in the form of nitrate or urea (NH2-C-O-NH2) after conversion to ammonia (NH4). The sulfur contained in 60% So3 form is completely water soluble and can be taken by the plant. Sulfur is an important element in plant nutrition especially in protein synthesis. The DCDA (Dicyandiamide) nitrogen it contains prevents the nitrification of ammonium nitrogen and prevents the nitrogen from converting to nitrite. Thus, the nitrogen used can be taken up by the plant for much longer and remains in the usable form. This fertilization increases the success and saves money. Especially in alkaline soils with high pH, it helps to lower the pH and also helps the uptake of other nutrients. There is no filling additive other than DCDA and NH4SO4, ie it consists of 100 percent inhibitor and fertilizer. It is easily used in drip irrigation systems as well as it is used in underground nitrogen applications and does not cause clogging in the systems.

Guaranteed Content (w/w)

Total Nitrogen (N)21%
Ammonium Nitrogen (NH4-N)20.4%
Dicyandiaminde Nitrogen0.6%


PlantsUsage Dose Kg/da
In Horticulture15-20
All Greenhouse vegetables20-25
All Outdoor Vegetables15-20
Whole Leaf Eaten winter vegetables15-20
Melon, Watermelon and pumpkin20-25
All Industrial Plants20-25
All Ceraal Crops15-20
All Fruit Trees15-20
Citrus, Banana, Olives, Figs, Nuts15-20