New Generation Slow Release Fertilizers

Unikey Sulfur Coated Urea

Unikey Sulfur Coated Urea

Sulfur Coated Urea is a slowly dissolving granular fertilizer and provides plant nutrients with a combination of nitrogen and sulfur during the growing season. Offers slow release up to 12 weeks. This release rate is controlled by soil temperature, which determines the rate of water vapor permeation and fertilizer diffusion. As the temperature increases, the oscillation rate increases. When the soil comes into contact with moisture, the granules begin to absorb water vapor through the micropores of the coating. The moisture slowly dissolves the urea content. Nitrogen is constantly spread to the soil.

Guaranteed Content (w/w)

Nitrogen (N)40%
Sulfur (S)13%
















Farm Plants20-40 kg / 1000 m2
Trees1-2 kg / tree
Grain & Corn30-50 kg / 1000 m2
Flooring & Turf20-40 kg / 1000 m2