NPK Special Liquid Fertilizers

Unikey Terra Potas

Unikey Terra Potas

Unikey Special Leaf and Soil Liquid Fertilizers contain vitamins, aminoacids and higher (micro-nutrient) primary (NPK) nutrients than powder fertilizers. Therefore, it can be used easily in cases where micronutrient requirement is more intensive. Unikey Special Leaf and Soil Liquid Fertilizers provide fast nutrient uptake and chlorophyll in the plant and give plant resistance against diseases. Unikeyterra® encompasses a wide range of leaf feeding and coating products developed specifically for micronutrient applications, developed as leaf spray, seeds and soil application with fertilizer coating or fertilizing systems. Each product is designed and formulated from the beginning for use in agriculture and horticulture.

Guaranteed Contentw/v
Total Nitrogen (N)3%
Urea Nitrogen (N)3%
Potassium (K2O)30%
Organic Substance – Uronic Acid – Amino Acid

Foliar Application
Fruit trees 200-300 ml/100 Lt of water
Horticulture 100-200 ml/100 Lt of water
Banana 100-200 ml/100 Lt of water

Soil Application:
7-10 Lt/Ha in 2-4 times through drip irrigation.