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Unikey Urea Inhibitor Urea 46

Unikey Urea Inhibitor Urea 46

Unikey Round Granular UREA 46 is a liquid solution containing inhibitor NBPT. NBPT is capable of delaying the conversion of urea to ammonium form for a certain period of time. In this way, it prevents nitrogen from being lost as ammonia gas at inappropriate times. Urea 46 inhibitor became urea resistant. Nitrogen losses begin with the conversion of urea to ammonia (NH3) and ammonia (NH4 +) by applying urea to soil. This conversion is defined as the hydrolysis of the urea, which is achieved by the urea enzyme. It provides more homogenous growth in the plant. Long-Term effect on nitrogen. Provides less nitrate washing. Reduced risk of burns. Saves labor.

Guaranteed Content (w/w)

Nitrogen (N) 46%
Nitrogen Form Urea
















Plants Doses kg/da
Wheat 15-20
Barley 15-20
Cotton 15-20
Canola 15-20
Corn 40-50
Potatoes 40-50
Sugarbeet 20-25