Potassium Nitrate Fertilizer

About Potassium Nitrate

Potassium nitrate fertilizer is one of the ideal fertilizer for healthy development of the plant, high yield and quality product. Fruits of plants fed with sufficient amounts of potassium become more delicious, more juicy and coarse due to their high sugar content.

Unikeyterra offers you Keyterra Potas 46

Keyterra Potas 46 ( Potassium Nitrate ) is suitable for all application methods, direct to soil, foliar feeding and nutrigation systems. Keyterra Potas 46 also provides essential macro nutrients vital for healthy plant development. Potassium nitrate is easily consumed by plants. Maximizing yields and optimizing quality.

Keyterra Potas 46 is fully absorved by plants also does not leave residues in the soil. It’s also free of chloride and sodium, fully water soluble and highly efficient. Forms the basis for Unikeyterra’s complex NPK, controlled release and water soluble npk fertilizers  offered in the most diverse range of regular, enriched in variable formulas.

Keyterra Potas 46 – The ultimate source of potassium.

  • Keyterra Potas 46 contains a high amount of potassium.
  • Ensures that the grains and fruits are large, full and hard and also their colors are vivid.
  • Increases the food value (sugar, protein, flavoring, vitamins) of the product.
  • Minimizes fruit pouring.
  • Increases resistance to negative growing conditions, lying down and diseases.

In plants that do not get enough potassium, the market value decreases due to the quality of the product.The nitrogen in its composition ensures the continuation of the vegetative activities after the flowering period, and ensures the continuation of fruit formation and development.Since it does not contain sodium, chlorine and heavy metal, it can be used safely in all plants. It can be mixed with all water-soluble fertilizers and drugs. It should not be mixed with calcium compounds.

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